DISPLAY ACTS – UK and international

We have available in the UK the following aircraft for displays – More exciting and interesting aircraft coming online very soon, watch this space

1 – HAWKER HURRICANE – MK1 V7497 Battle of Britain Veteran.

2 – HARVARD – Primary ‘Wacky Wabbit’ – Other Harvards available

3 – YALE NA 64 – Only one in Europe with only 8 flying worldwide

Hawker Hurricane – Airshow bookings for 2019. What better way to spice up your event than to have one of only 15 Hawker Hurricanes in the world flying at your airshow or event. This Hurricane, however, is indeed very special….. Hurricane 501 serial V7497 actually flew in combat at the height of the Battle of Britain.

Hear the roar of the original Rolls Royce Merlin III engine as used in the Battle of Britain as our Hurricane flies overhead.

Hurricane 501 has now been completely restored to flying condition after 30,000 hours of labour by the engineers at Hawker Restoration. Today Hurricane 501 flies in its original colours and markings as worn in 1940 using over 30 per cent of original parts, making this one of the most authentic Hurricanes flying today.

T6 Harvard – The Wacky Wabbit – AJ841. If you are looking for another item to add to your existing air show, then please consider adding the “Wacky Wabbit” The Harvard is a must for any airshow. (Left – Andy captured on take-off)

The Harvard/Texan know as the “Pilot Maker” was responsible for training over 75% of the allied fighter pilots during World War 2. With its fighter like appearance and unique rasping sound as its propeller tips touch the sound barrier, the Harvard is a real crowd-pleaser at any airshow. Please don’t forget that we offer “T6 Harvard Warbird Experience flights” in this beautiful aircraft!


YALE NA 64 – We also display the YALE either as a solo or as a pair with the T6 Harvard. YALE NA64 is not permitted to perform aerobatics however it provides an excellent addition to any airshow due to its rarity – It may look like a Harvard however it has many differences – Engine Wright 420hp R-975-E3 Whirlwind radial engine Max Speed: 166mph (276kph) Ceiling 17,500ft Range 730 miles.


As deliveries to Europe began in 1940, France was forced to capitulate to the German Blitzkrieg. 111 aircraft were delivered, nut these were formed into units by the Germans to teach their pilots how to fly captured Allied aircraft. The remaining 119 were hurriedly redirected to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCFA) Few survived and we believe only 8 flying in the world today with only this one flying in Europe.


International Airshows

Andy  ‘tucks in’ to the number 4 slot in what was a true radial airshow! The beautiful DC-3 as number 1 with the Romanian Yak 52 team in the number 2 and 3 slot.  This photograph was taken at the Sivrihisar Airshow in Turkey 2019.

(Right – Number 4 in the T6)

Always a privilege to fly another Harvard at an international air show. Amazing to meet other performers. This photograph was taken in front of an audience of over 20,000 spectators. It is estimated that the airshow attracted over 51,000 spectators over a two day period.




Video footage of recent displays

(Andy preparing for the Abingdon Air Show 2018 YALE NA 64 )

( “Happy Hour” in Turkey Flown by Andy)

(Below Andy flying “Happy Hour” in Turkey)