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A company dedicated to keeping G-BJST Harvard MK IV (Nose art “Wacky Wabbit”) airworthy for public displays, Heavy tailwheel conversions, film work and Flying Experiences. The latter is to give pilots and none pilots the experience of flying in an authentic warbird. As custodians of a unique piece of aviation history, we would like to share our passion with others, so that they can experience the thrills of flying or seeing a warbird up close and personal. These aircraft are not cheap to run, so we have to work her hard, to that end we are always looking for opportunities and sponsorship to keep “The Wacky Wabbit” in the air where she belongs.


Harvard G-BJST  – was built in 1953 by the Canadian Car and Foundry Company (C&CF) as a model T6J. It was built for the USAF under the Mutual Development Assistance Program (MDAP) due to Military officials calling for the introduction of legislation to expand suitable military training equipment.

After the negotiation of the North Atlantic defence treaty, there was a requirement to provide military aid to strengthen member country’s against the communist threat in Europe. As part of an order placed in 1951 by the USAF aircraft were supplied to the French, German, Italian, Turkish and other Airforce’s to help speed up their recovery after world war two. Apparently, under the contract number AF-20641, two batches of T-6 were manufactured by the CCF. The first batch consisted of 143 aircraft with 69 going to Italy, 24 to Belgium and 51 to the French Air Force.


Transformation to AJ841 – T6 Harvard Aviation Ltd Decided in August 2014 to repaint G-BJST in a new colour scheme for 2015 as the current paint was looking rather tired. The idea to paint her as a former RAF Desert Air Force (DAF) MKII Harvard was suggested by Andy Goodall to the group, and it was agreed. Andy subsequently acquired sponsorship from RS Paintwork (now Purple aviation located at Eshott airfield), and the transformation began.

Meticulous research was carried out by Andy Goodall and Martin Pengelly into a Harvard that served in the North Africa campaign with a Duxford connection. AJ 841 was found to have a relationship with Duxford as she saw service with 154 Squadron. Originally 154 Squadron were based just to the West of RAF Duxford at RAF Fowlmere before deploying to the Middle East in 1942. Record cards for 154 Squadron show the squadron Harvard (AJ841) being flown by flying officer DC Dunn from Minnigh (Syria) to Ramat David (Palestine) on the 12th February 1944.

AJ841 – AJ841 was also logged with “243 squadron” on the 11th January 1944 flying from “Syria” Allepo to Petah Tiger in Palestine with the pilot named as F/Sgt Ernewein and passenger marked as ‘Self” The return journey was made from Palestine back to Aleppo on the 16th January 1944 this time with the pilot “Self” and the passenger F/Sgt Ernewein. The logbook marked on this page as “243 Squadron Allepo Syria  1944” It seems AJ841 had a busy life as a general hack used by many squadrons.

We approached the RAF in 2014 and permission was given for G-BJST to now carry the codes AJ841 and the RAF colours and markings – Then the transformation began!


Harvard AJ841 – AJ841 was shipped directly from the USA to the Middle East on the 23rd November 1941 on the steamship M Livanos, and she was struck off charge on the 25th April 1946. During her time in the Middle, East AJ841 saw service with 74 OTU where she would train and acclimatise fighter and army cooperation pilots to desert conditions. Records show that Harvard’s in this area were used for conversion and continuation training for pilots on to the Hurricane and Spitfire. Photograph left – Jonathan Rasmussen,



Why the “Wacky Wabbit”? – The logo was added purely for marketing purposes. However, the (W) Rabbit in the Harvard was a wartime patch from the No 5 British Flying Training school in Florida.

Andy Goodall slightly modified it and gave it the name “Wacky Wabbit” he wanted to call it “Wicked Wabbit” however that was taken by a famous P47 Thunderbolt! The kids love it, and it gives this beautiful Harvard an identity.

Photograph left – Andrew Goodall.



  1. Airframe Family: North American T-6/AT-6/SNJ Texan / Harvard Latest Model: T-6J Texan – Last Military Serial: MM53795 AMI – Construction Number: CCF-4-292 – Last Civil Registration: G-BJST – Latest Owner or Location: T6 Harvard Syndicate
  2. 1951 – Constructed as a T-6J by Canadian Car and Foundry at Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario, Can.
    Built as part of the Mutual Development Assistance Program (MDAP)
    Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Air Force with s/n 51-17110.
    S/n issued for administrative purpose only – did not serve with the USAF.
  3. Taken on Strength/Charge with the Aeronautica Militare Italiana with s/n MM53795. Transferred to SCIV (IA Scuola Centrale di Volo) (Central School of Flight Instructors). Markings Applied: SC-66
  4. From 21 December 1981 to 26 July 1994 To Victor Samuel Eric Norman, Gloucs with c/r G-BJST.
    From 21 December 1981 to 26 July 1994 Painted as a Zero for the film Empire of the Sun.
  5. From 5 November 1996 to 2 January 1998 To Gerhard Robert Adolf Schilling.
  6. From 2 January 1998 to 31 August 2000 To Anette Schilling.
  7. From 31 August 2000 to 30 November 2004 To Tuplin Holdings Ltd.
  8. From 30 November 2004 to 24 February 2005 To Classic Aero Engineering Ltd.
  9. From 24 February 2005 to 11 August 2009 To Peter John Tuplin.
  10. By September 2005 Markings Applied: KF729 Royal Air Force marks worn. Painted in the colour scheme of the aircraft HRH Prince Philip flew during his advanced training. His Harvard at that time bore the five stars denoting his rank of Marshal of the Royal Air Force.
  11. From 11 August 2009 to 22 July 2010 To Classic Aero Engineering Ltd, Thruxton, Hampshire, UK.
  12. From 22 July 2010 to 15 July 2014 – T6 Harvard Aviation – Partners – Operates with T6 Harvard Aviation Ltd for introduction and Experience flights.
  13. 2014 Painted as AJ841 by RS Paintworks at Fishburn – Later Purple Aviation at Eshott Airfield in Northumberland.


The below nine photos that you may save and copy plus Seven high-resolution photographs by the incredibly talented – Piotr Szydło Please view his Facebook page. Please cut and paste for any T6 Harvard aviation business with full permission from the photographer.



1 – Pdf file  – G-BJST – Diving

2 – Pdf file  – G-BJST – High Angle of Attack







3 – Pdf file – G-BJST – Back end

4 – Pdf file – G-BJST – Taxiing at Duxford

5 – Pdf file – G-BJST – Take Off

6 – Pdf file – G-BJST – Landing at Duxford

7 – Pdf file – G-BJST – Low_Level