Left – Radial Airshows founder member Andy is a current display pilot and keen warbird enthusiast. 

Having started flying in 2001, he aspired to fly vintage aircraft after watching the Boscombe down Harvards flying into Netheravon Airfield in Wiltshire, where he was stationed with the Army in the 1990s

Nearly 20 years later, Andy flew G-CORS, the same MkII Harvard that inspired his initial enthusiasm. Qualifying as a parachute drop pilot in 2002, Andy continued to build hours on the Cessna 206 and Gippsland GA8 Airvan at various drop zones around the UK.

By 2021 Andy has over 25 Aircraft Types logged – Cessna150,152,172,206,208,208B – Piper PA38,  Slingsby Firefly T67M, Extra 300, Pitts S2A, PA34, PA18, GA8 Airvan, Grumman AA1, Duchess, BNI Islander, Tiger Moth, Chipmunk, Auster D4 and AOP9 AOP5, Spartan Executive,  Mustang P-51 (3 different Mustangs total), Harvard 4, MKII and SNJ (6 different Harvards total), Yale NA64, (Spitfire with CRI duel – Hawk with A2 instructor Duel)

LeftG-CORS MkII Harvard ex RAF Boscombe Down.

Andy is a military veteran and former Senior NCO in the Parachute Regiment with numerous operational tours of Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt.

Andy was a former member of the famous Free Fall Team “The Red Devils” and a world-class competitive skydiver with over 6000 jumps to his credit. Andy still holds the British Parachute Association (BPA) parachute Instructor/Examiner in almost all disciplines such as Accelerated free fall, Tandem parachuting, Parachute Rigger and Military Free Fall. Andy is duel rated British and American with the equivalent USPA (USA) ratings and BPA (British) ratings.

After leaving the Army, Andy became a consultant on the hazardous anti-piracy convoys for 3 years, regularly crossing the “High-Risk Area” of the Indian ocean, sometimes armed and other times unarmed like in the film Captain Phillps. During these 3 years, Andy says he could write a book on the numerous encounters with Somali pirates however that’s for another day!

Flying continuation training carried on achieving the Instrument Metrological Rating (IMC) Multi-engine Piston rating (MEP) Class Rating Instructor (CRI). In 2005 Andy qualified on the Cessna Caravan 208, and 208B and the British built Britten Norman Islander with a memorable registration G-AYRU. Accumulating over 1200 hours mainly parachute flying, Andy then looked at the opportunities to get into warbird flying.

In 2010 Andy took a 40-minute flight in a duel T9 Spitfire and was immediately hooked! In 2011 Andy achieved his tailwheel rating and purchased a D4 Auster. Accumulating a further 100 hours of tailwheel experience, Andy became a co-owner of an MK4 Harvard G-BUKY. Then a co-owner of G-BJST had repainted as the “Wacky Wabbit” with the lads’ kind sponsorship at Fishburn Airfield, now located at  Eshott Airfield.

Harvard Display Training – After 50 hours of flying, the Harvard Andy started training for his Display Authorisation (CAA DA) with the well-know display pilot and celebrity Brendan O’brian. From this point on, almost all of Andys flying is dedicated to Display flying and practice. Andy was recently Sponsored By Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M) in Turkey, where he received more coaching, this time from another extremely well-known display pilot Ali Ismet Ozturk, owner and operator of some of the most prestigious Warbirds and aircraft in the world. Thanks to Ali Ozturk, Andy displayed at the largest airshow in Turkey with over 51,000 spectators over 2 days. 5 displays completed and a beautiful formation with the DC3 “Turkish Delight” and the Romanian Yakkers


NA64 YALE – This is another welcome addition to Andys display portfolio. One of the rarest trainers in existence “YALE NA 64, with only approximately 8 flying in the world. This example is the only example outside of Canada and the USA flying today. The YALE isn’t aerobatic like the Harvard; however, it is challenging aircraft to fly with its most noticeable differences such as the 420 horsepower engine, variable pitch prop and fixed landing gear.



Mustang P51 – Things have gone from strength to strength as Andy qualified to go solo on the P51 Mustang in the USA, flying with the renown warbird instructor Mark Murphy. This all took place in the Great Falls of Montana in the Collings Foundation Mustang P51 “Toulouse Nuts” Andy remarked the P51 is a challenge on take-off and an adventure to land, however after nearly 300 hours on the T6 Harvard “The Pilot Maker”, it was a pleasant step up.

With 10 hours now logged on the P51, Andy hopes to build on this figure and eventually display this iconic and beautiful warbird. More exciting things are planned for 2020 and beyond, so please watch this space, and let’s look forward to what the future holds.

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